We offer our services in the field of mobile boring and bushing of holes with a diameter of 55-350mm.

The scope of boring services includes:

  • drilling holes in steel constructions
  • drilling holes on vessels in hatch covers, cranes, jibs, etc.
  • planning the face of the hole
  • holes drilled

The scope of services for the bushing and exchange of pins includes:

  • iron press pins using hydraulic cylinders
  • burning of bolts seized with an oxygen lance
  • making untypical bolts with safety devices and lubricating system,
  • rolling under the seals
  • milling for security
  • repair of broken holes through bushing or surfacing
  • reconstruction of bearing holes
  • welding of holes for nominal size making non-standard bushings with lubrication channels and sealing for seals

We make services on vessels, rigs (platforms) and on onshore constructions.