We provide specialized services, unnecessary in the process of repair and building of vessels. We execute orders on vessels in shipyards, ports, and principals’ plants. Our workshop, which is located near the Gdynia port basin is equipped with the necessary tools. Machining equipment: machine tool, milling machine, jet drill, hydraulic actuator test station, hydraulic valve testing station, boring machine, etc. We have a place to disassembly larger equipment and a girders (steel plate) to build steel structures. And we also have a workshop equipped with 8T gantry which allows you to make many ship constructions. 

Our company has very specialized machinery workshop as well as a fleet of cars that allows us to arrive on time and perform well, quickly and with high quality ordered work.


We carry out all work related to the construction and repair of the hull

  • prefabrication, assembly and welding of bottom sections, side sections, forepaws, stern sections, decks, coamings, superstructures and foundations
  • replacement of damaged and corroded parts of the hull, such as: inserts on the shell, tank constructions, chain lockers, forepeaks and aftpeaks, anchor cloaks, decks
  • repairs and conversions of coamings construction, cargo hold hatch covers, ramps (steel renewals, coaming’s allignement, sealing/gaskets renewals, straightening and pressure tests)

We have a qualified staff of fitters, welders with many years of experience in the profession.


We repair hydraulic cylinders from any ship and onshore constructions and equipment of any size and construction up to 375 bar.

We carry out repairs of hydraulic cylinders starting from simple repairs consisting in replacement of sealings and removal of leaks to comprehensive regeneration and reconstruction (reconstruction of actuator components, brackets, bearings and bolts).

Repair consists of:

  • dismantling the actuator from the device
  • transport to workshop
  • submission to work
  • disassembly and dismantling of components
  • verification of components’ condition – measurements

After verification and consultation with the client we proceed to perform repairs such as:

  • replacement of seals
  • replacement or repair of a scratched corroded piston rod
  • replacement or repair of pistons
  • replacement or repair of broken connections, lugs, bearings, cylinder mountings, etc.
  • replacement or repair of glands
  • repair of the lubrication system

The repaired hydraulic cylinder is verified and passes the test at the workshop. The efficient hydraulic cylinder is assembled back on the device.

We repair various types of actuators:

  • unilateral action
  • two-sided action 
  • telescopic
  • support 
  • plunger

 In the case of an expensive dismantling operation we have a mobile test station that allows it to be connected to the hydraulic cylinder located on the site and subjected to verification to a pressure of 375 bar.

We are equipped with an oxygen lance and a qualified crew who can burn damaged bolts if necessary. We have a mobile boring machine, which can be maneuvered, directly on the vessel, broken actuator grips, hinges on the vessel from 55mm to 350mm diameter or perform coaxing of the hinge assembly.


We offer our services in the field of mobile boring and bushing of holes with a diameter of 55-350mm.

The scope of boring services includes:

  • drilling holes in steel constructions
  • drilling holes on vessels in hatch covers, cranes, jibs, etc.
  • planning the face of the hole
  • holes drilled

The scope of services for the bushing and exchange of pins includes:

  • iron press pins using hydraulic cylinders
  • burning of bolts seized with an oxygen lance
  • making untypical bolts with safety devices and lubricating system,
  • rolling under the seals
  • milling for security
  • repair of broken holes through bushing or surfacing
  • reconstruction of bearing holes
  • welding of holes for nominal size

making non-standard bushings with lubrication channels and sealing for seals

We make services on vessels, rigs (platforms) and on onshore constructions.


We carry out repairs of all ship equipment such as: anchor winches, mooring winches, deck cranes, gantries, davits, fairleads, ramps, lifeboat davits and many more.

The range of services includes:

  • repair of mechanical damage and corroded plates
  • repair of hydraulic cylinders
  • replacement of hydraulic distributors
  • repair of subassemblies and entire drive sets
  • repairing wheelsets
  • exchange of pairs of ropes
  • replacement of pins
  • removing the loose on the pins
  • replacement of bearings
  • bushing
  • regeneration of guides
  • unblocking of lubrication guides
  • annual inspections


We carry out periodic inspections and repairs of bottom and side valves as well as PV safety valves.

The range of services includes:

  • dismounting the valve from the vessel
  • transport to the workshop
  • performing a preliminary leak test of the valve
  • opening, cleaning, verification
  • lapping, replacement of seals
  • valve assembly, painting
  • pressure test for the client or classification society
  • transport and assembly on the vessel
  • valve test on the vessel in the system
  • Inspection and access of larger valves is performed directly on the vessel.