We repair hydraulic cylinders from any ship and onshore constructions and equipment of any size and construction up to 375 bar.

We carry out repairs of hydraulic cylinders starting from simple repairs consisting in replacement of sealings and removal of leaks to comprehensive regeneration and reconstruction (reconstruction of actuator components, brackets, bearings and bolts).

Repair consists of:

  • dismantling the actuator from the device
  • transport to workshop
  • submission to work
  • disassembly and dismantling of components
  • verification of components’ condition – measurements

After verification and consultation with the client we proceed to perform repairs such as:

  • replacement of seals
  • replacement or repair of a scratched corroded piston rod
  • replacement or repair of pistons
  • replacement or repair of broken connections, lugs, bearings, cylinder mountings, etc.
  • replacement or repair of glands
  • repair of the lubrication system

The repaired hydraulic cylinder is verified and passes the test at the workshop. The efficient hydraulic cylinder is assembled back on the device.

We repair various types of actuators: 

  • unilateral action
  • two-sided action 
  • telescopic
  • support 
  • plunger

 In the case of an expensive dismantling operation we have a mobile test station that allows it to be connected to the hydraulic cylinder located on the site and subjected to verification to a pressure of 375 bar.

We are equipped with an oxygen lance and a qualified crew who can burn damaged bolts if necessary. We have a mobile boring machine, which can be maneuvered, directly on the vessel, broken actuator grips, hinges on the vessel from 55mm to 350mm diameter or perform coaxing of the hinge assembly.